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Tea Gifts

Tea gifts are the perfect in between gift to give as a small present or as part of a bigger one. We’ve got tea mugs, trays and even samplers all for under 25$ making it an affordable gift for any budget. The great part with these tea gifts is that whenever your recipient will pour themselves a cup of tea they’ll instantly think of you! So it truly is the gift that keeps on giving. So take a look around and look at all the great tea gifts available on this page, we’re sure you’ll find something to appeal to your particular needs.

Asia Tea Gift SetPrice: $10.95  Ayurvedic Tea Sampler "Life & Knowledge"Price: $28.00  Black Teas Blends SamplerPrice: $28.00  Price: $28.00  Blooming Tea TeapotPrice: $15.95  Teapot "Bahar"Price: $24.95 
Chai & Mate SamplerPrice: $28.00  Classic Tea Collection Gift SetPrice: $15.95  Dragon Tea CupPrice: $16.95  Wellness Tea Gift SetPrice: $14.95  Festivity Tea Blends SamplerPrice: $28.00  Flavored Tea SamplerPrice: $28.00 
Flavored Green Tea Sampler "Pearl Of Fruits"Price: $28.00  Chocolate Infusion TeaPrice: $28.00  Fruit Of Earth Tea Collection Gift SetPrice: $10.95  Green Tea SamplerPrice: $28.00  Herb Tea Blends SamplerPrice: $28.00  Hitomi Tea Tin Set in Gift BoxRegular Price: $23.95
On Sale For: $15.95 
Iced Tea Maker "Thor"Price: $24.95  Magic Tea FilterPrice: $19.95  Papyrus Honey Gift SetPrice: $19.95  Mug Easy To-Go "Africa"Price: $19.95  Mug Easy To-Go "Chloe"Price: $19.95  Oolong White Tea Gift SetPrice: $15.95 
Porcelain Mug "Rosetta"Regular Price: $19.95
On Sale For: $6.95 
Porcelain Mug "Cinzia"Regular Price: $19.95
On Sale For: $7.95 
Rooibos Tea Collection Gift SetPrice: $10.95  Africa Rooibos Tea Blend SamplerPrice: $28.00  Tea Cup "Dodo & Bodo" In Gift BoxPrice: $15.95  Tea Cup "Panchali" In Gift Box Price: $15.95 
Tea Cup "Royal" In Gift BoxPrice: $15.95  Tea Cup "Teapots" In Gift BoxPrice: $15.95  Tea Set "Toulon"Regular Price: $12.95
On Sale For: $3.95 
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