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Yellow tea

Yellow tea is very similar to green tea with the only difference being a shorter drying process, but what a difference this makes! Apart from tastes, smells and textures yellow tea is nothing alike to any other tea, you have to try it on it’s own because it’s – simply superb. And if you’re looking for health benefits well rest easy knowing that yellow tea is FILLED with them. It’s packed with anti-oxidants, cancer fighting properties and naturally occurring chemicals which help your body stay in tip top shape. So go ahead and add some yellow tea to your arsenal – your body, mind and soul will be glad you did!

Ayurvedic Anti-Strain Herb Tea BlendPrice: $6.50  Ayurvedic Balance Herb Tea BlendPrice: $6.50  Ayurvedic Ginger Fresh Herb Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Ayurvedic Men’s Activity Herb Tea Blend Price: $6.95  Ayurvedic Stimulating Herb Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Ayurvedic Wellness (No Added Flavoring) Herb Tea BlendPrice: $8.95 
Ayurvedic Women’s Activity Herb Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Ayurvedic Yoga Herb Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Bad Weather Tea w/Honey Herb Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Chakra (No Flavoring Added) Herb Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Chamomile Herb TeaPrice: $6.50  Cocoa/Orange Herb Tea BlendPrice: $5.95 
Cranberry Acai Herb TeaPrice: $6.50  Ginger Herb Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Ginger Honey Milk Herb Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Ginger/Aronia Organic Herb Tea BlendPrice: $7.95  Gingerbread Herb Tea BlendPrice: $9.95  Greek Mountain Herbal TeaPrice: $17.95 
Icy Orange Fruit BlendPrice: $6.95  Kekecha Yellow TeaRegular Price: $15.95
On Sale For: $14.95 
Mango n' Friends Fruit Tea BlendPrice: $14.95  Minty Paradise Herb Tea Blend Price: $6.95  Peppermint Herb TeaPrice: $6.95  Perfect World Herb Tea BlendPrice: $7.95 
Pure Chai Herb Tea Blend (No Flavoring Added)Price: $9.95  Roasted Almond Fruit TeaPrice: $5.95  Sage Leaves Herb Tea BlendPrice: $5.50  Simply For You  (No Flavoring Added) Herb Tea BlendPrice: $5.50  Snow Love Fruit TeaPrice: $5.95  Spearmint Moroccan Nana Mint Herb TeaPrice: $5.95 
Spicy Chai Herb/Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Stinging Nettle Herb TeaPrice: $4.95  Summer Solstice (Pineapple/Cherry) Herb Tea Blend Price: $8.95  Sunny Herbs (pineapple/Mango) Herb Tea BlendPrice: $8.95  Sweet Melissa Herb Tea BlendPrice: $7.95  Turkish Apple Fruit TeaPrice: $5.95 
Tuscan Dream Herb Tea BlendPrice: $8.50  Verbena Leaves Herb TeaPrice: $6.95  Watermelon Fruit TeaPrice: $5.95  Weatherproof Herb Tea BlendPrice: $8.95  Winter SolticeRegular Price: $7.50
On Sale For: $6.95 
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