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Tea pots are chosen to match with the general appeal of the tea set. As they are a pretty major piece it’s important that your cups, spoons and plates all match up with the style portrayed by your tea pots. Often avid tea enthusiasts will have more then on tea pot reserved for separate occasions and teas. Since presentation really does matter (people will judge based off what they see before they taste) investing in proper tea pots is a great way to really go the extra mile without over doing it. So check out the designs we have here and see if any appeal to you.

Bamboo Iron TeapotPrice: $144.95  Blooming Tea TeapotPrice: $15.95  Teapot "Bahar"Price: $24.95  Elegance Stainless TeapotPrice: $64.95  Elegance Stainless Teapot SilverPrice: $64.95  Elegance Stainless Teapot WhitePrice: $64.95 
Four Season Iron TeapotPrice: $150.00  Iced Tea Maker "Assunta"Price: $39.95  Iced Tea Maker "Thor"Price: $24.95  Magic Tea FilterPrice: $19.95  Orion Tea MakerRegular Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $29.95 
Poppy Tea CupPrice: $54.95 
Stainless Pot w/StrainerRegular Price: $39.95
On Sale For: $19.95 
Svea Tea Glas, Tea CupsPrice: $12.95  Tea Set "Liang"Price: $39.95  Tea Set "Toulon"Regular Price: $12.95
On Sale For: $3.95 
Yixing Teapot "Alpha"Price: $29.95  Teapot "Aladdin" BluePrice: $44.95 
Teapot "Elena"Regular Price: $64.95
On Sale For: $39.95 
Tea Maker "Brew Control" 41 fl. oz.Price: $24.95  Xiang Iron TeapotPrice: $74.95  Yixing Teapot "Delta"Price: $19.95  Zero Tea PotRegular Price: $54.95
On Sale For: $29.95 
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