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Flavored tea is an amazing way to introduce yourself to a variety of spicy, sweet and fruity flower combinations. The point is that if you enjoy a cup that not only tastes great, but fills your lungs with soothing steamy air, while the sweet smells delight your senses then flavored tea is for you. With our gigantic assortment of delicious flavored teas. Go ahead and look around, we're positive you'll love what you find, see and most importantly - taste!

Acerola/Cherry/Fig Black Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Aloe Vera/Pineapple Green Tea BlendPrice: $13.95  Apricot Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Blackcurrant Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Blood Orange Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Bon Bon Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95 
Butter Truffle Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Butterflies In The Tummy (Mango/Vanilla) Black Tea BlendPrice: $7.95  Café Latte  Black Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Caramel Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Caramel Sesame Cookie Green Tea BlendPrice: $7.95  Cassis/Cherry Sencha Green Tea BlendPrice: $6.95 
Lavender/Jasmine Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  China Green Rose Congu Green TeaPrice: $5.95  China Jasmine OP Green TeaPrice: $6.95  China Lychee Tea OP Black TeaPrice: $5.95  China Orchid Green TeaPrice: $10.50  China Rose Tea OP Black TeaPrice: $5.95 
China Special Jasmine OP Green TeaPrice: $6.95  Chocolate Sun (Chocolate/Orange) Sencha Green Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Chocolate Cream Truffle Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Cinnamon Roll Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Cool Temptation (Lemon/Mint) Sencha Green Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Cranberry Rose Green Tea BlendPrice: $6.95 
Cucumber/Orange Marmalade Black Tea BlendPrice: $6.50  Darjeeling GFTGFOP1 Jasmine Arya Organic Green TeaPrice: $12.95  Dark Chocolate Black Tea BlendPrice: $6.50  Date/Fig/Sesame Black Tea BlendPrice: $6.50  Decaffeinated Blueberry/Mango Green Tea BlendPrice: $12.95  Decaffeinated Ceylon OP Chocolate/Cream/Truffles Black TeaPrice: $11.95 
Decaffeinated Children's/Seniors Green Tea BlendPrice: $9.50  Decaffeinated China Sencha Earl GreyPrice: $11.95  Decaffeinated Orange Black Tea BlendPrice: $12.95  Decaffeinated Raspberry/Aronia Black Tea BlendPrice: $12.95  Earl Grey Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Earl Grey Cream Black TeaPrice: $5.95 
Elderberry/Cassis/Aronia Green/White Tea BlendPrice: $10.95  Enchanted Forest Sencha/Mate Green TeaPrice: $5.95  Exotic Fruit Green/Oolong TeaPrice: $7.95  Exquisite Paradise (Chocolate/Mint) Black Tea BlendPrice: $6.50  Finally Summer (Strawberry/Orange) Organic Green Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Flower Garden (Strawberry) Fruit Tea BlendPrice: $9.50 
Flower of Asia (Mango) Oolong TeaPrice: $8.50  Flower Power Green/White Tea BlendRegular Price: $11.95
On Sale For: $10.50 
Fruit Bowl Green/White Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Ginger/Aronia Organic Herb Tea BlendPrice: $7.95  Ginger/Peach Sencha Green Tea BlendPrice: $4.95  Ginseng Berry Green Tea BlendPrice: $8.95 
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