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Happy tea

Happy tea is designed to get you feeling well ... happy. With it's sweet flavors and often twangy combinations if there's one thing you can count on happy tea for, it's lifting you up. Perfect for spending time with the ones you love or even dinner parties. Lush juicy flavors with elusive tastes with undertones of delicious fruits, herbs and plants. When it comes to happy tea one thing you can rely on is great tastes, surprising combinations and a upbeat atmosphere, so go ahead and indulge at your next party - happy tea is meant to be shared after all!

Grandma’s Garden Fruit TeaPrice: $5.95  Happy Colada Fruit Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Happy Goji Herb Tea BlendPrice: $9.50  Java Hong Cha Black TeaPrice: $20.95  Love Affair Rooibos Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Magic Moon Black Green Tea BlendPrice: $5.95 
Mango n' Friends Fruit Tea BlendPrice: $14.95  Maple Taffy Black Tea BlendPrice: $7.50  Maple Walnut Sencha Green Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Mousse au Chocolate Rooibos TeaPrice: $5.95  Nepal SFTGFOP1 Antu Valley Green TeaPrice: $8.50  Orange/Passion Fruit Green TeaPrice: $5.95 
Organic Mango/Pear Deluxe White Tea BlendPrice: $9.95  Organic Strawberry/Mango Black Tea BlendPrice: $9.50  Passionfruit/Grapefruit Rooibos Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Pear/Cinnamon Fruit Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Pomegranate/Dragonfruit Green/White Tea BlendPrice: $9.95  Pu-erh Superfruit/Berry Black Tea BlendPrice: $7.95 
Pure Chai Herb Tea Blend (No Flavoring Added)Price: $9.95  Raspberry Mascarpone Green Tea BlendPrice: $7.95  Raspberry/Cranberry/Spice Black Tea BlendPrice: $6.95  Raspberry/Popcorn Black Tea BlendPrice: $7.95  Sencha Honeydew/Lemon Green Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Sencha Orchid Berry Green Tea BlendPrice: $8.95 
Simply For You  (No Flavoring Added) Herb Tea BlendPrice: $5.50  Sir Stuart (Orange) Flavored Black/Green Tea Blend Price: $7.95  Snow Love Fruit TeaPrice: $5.95  South Sea Magic Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Spring Melody Green Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Strawberry Rose Fruit TeaPrice: $6.95 
Summer Solstice (Pineapple/Cherry) Herb Tea Blend Price: $8.95  Sunny Herbs (pineapple/Mango) Herb Tea BlendPrice: $8.95  Sunny Passion Green/White Tea BlendRegular Price: $8.95
On Sale For: $7.95 
Tiramisu/Mascarpone Rooibos Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Vietnam Tung Ting Oolong TeaPrice: $17.95  Wild Grey Green Tea BlendPrice: $5.95 
Winter SolticeRegular Price: $7.50
On Sale For: $6.95 
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