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India tea

India tea consists mainly of black and green teas with generally more flair then you would find in your average cup. Often combined with spicy tastes this is one of the few regional teas where you can really get a feel for the nuances between the varieties of tea. Our teas are more of a standard, we believe in providing you with quality which is why all of our teas are grown directly in India. What does this mean for you? Well a cup of tea that not only blows your taste buds out of the water, but also aides growth, digestion and vitality. So go ahead and try a cup today - we know you'll love it!

Assam Leaf Blend Black TeaPrice: $5.95  Assam Mangalam TGFOP1 Black TeaPrice: $15.95  Assam Margherita GFBOP Black TeaPrice: $7.95  Assam Mokalbari East TGFOP1 Black TeaPrice: $7.50  Assam Orangajuli FF Black TeaPrice: $8.95  Assam Rani FTGFOP1 Organic Black TeaPrice: $11.95 
Ayurvedic Wellness (No Added Flavoring) Herb Tea BlendPrice: $8.95  Blood Orange Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Darjeeling Castleton (Autumnal) TGFOP1 Black TeaPrice: $10.50  Darjeeling GFTGFOP1 Jasmine Arya Organic Green TeaPrice: $12.95  Darjeeling Happy Valley FTGFOP1 Organic Black TeaPrice: $9.50  Darjeeling Himalayan Blend SF Black TeaPrice: $7.95 
Darjeeling Lingia TGFOP FF Organic Black Tea Price: $14.95  Darjeeling Makaibari FTGFOP1 SF Organic Black TeaPrice: $13.95  Darjeeling Margaret's Hope TGFOP1 SF Black TeaPrice: $8.95  Darjeeling Monteviot FTGFOP1 FF 2013 Organic Black TeaRegular Price: $49.95
On Sale For: $45.95 
Organic Black tea Darjeeling FTGFOP1 FF 2012 MonteviotPrice: $47.95  Darjeeling Oolong Singbulli Black TeaPrice: $20.95 
Darjeeling Selimbong TGFOP1 SF Organic Black TeaPrice: $19.95  Darjeeling Tindharia Rose FTGFOP1 SF Black TeaPrice: $16.95  Dark Chocolate Black Tea BlendPrice: $6.50  Decaffeinated Assam TGFOP1 Black TeaPrice: $13.95  Decaffeinated Darjeeling TGFOP1 Black TeaPrice: $15.95  East Frisian Quality Finest Assam Broken FBOP Black Tea BlendPrice: $9.95 
East Frisian Selected Leaf Black Tea BlendPrice: $7.50  English Breakfast (Broken) Organic Black Tea BlendPrice: $6.50  English Leaf Blend Organic Black Tea Price: $8.95  Evening Tea Leaf Blend Black TeaPrice: $12.95  Nilgiri Thiashola SFTGFOP1 Organic Black TeaPrice: $8.95  Pure Chai Herb/Black Tea Blend  Price: $7.95 
Red Chai Herb/Rooibos Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Scottish Breakfast (Broken) Organic Black Tea Blend Price: $7.50  Spicy Chai Herb/Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95       
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