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Sri Lanka tea

Sri Lanka tea has always been known for it's high quality and delicious tastes. The climate is ideal for growing a huge assortment of different strains, varieties and plants of tea. Sri Lanka tea is known as one of the world’s best for a reason - it's because time and time again you can pour yourself a cup of Sri Lanka gold and you will still be surprised at just how refreshing, energizing and delightful it tastes.

Apricot Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Ceylon Blackwood OP Organic  Black TeaPrice: $11.95  Ceylon Highgrown OP Black TeaPrice: $5.95  Ceylon Kenilworth OP Black TeaPrice: $7.95  Lavender/Jasmine Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Ceylon Melfort Special Green TeaPrice: $6.95 
Ceylon OP Idulgashina Organic Green TeaPrice: $13.95  Ceylon Pettiagalla OP Black TeaPrice: $7.95  Ceylon Ratnapura FOP Special Black TeaPrice: $13.95  Cinnamon Roll Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95  Decaffeinated Blueberry/Mango Green Tea BlendPrice: $12.95  Decaffeinated Ceylon Earl Grey Black Tea Price: $8.95 
Decaffeinated Ceylon OP Black TeaPrice: $10.95  Decaffeinated Ceylon OP Chocolate/Cream/Truffles Black TeaPrice: $11.95  Earl Grey Cream Black TeaPrice: $5.95  Evening Tea Leaf Blend Black TeaPrice: $12.95  Oriental Spice Blend (Orange/Cinnamon) Black Tea BlendPrice: $6.50  Premium Earl Grey Black Tea BlendPrice: $7.50 
Sencha Green Apple/Kiwi Green Tea BlendPrice: $6.50  Wild Cherry Black Tea BlendPrice: $5.95         
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