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So Who Are The People Behind ESP Emporium?

We’re a family of tea enthusiasts from around the world who are committed to bringing you the most extensive assortment of premium loose teas and tea related accessories possible.  We pride ourselves on our enormous selection, distinct varieties of taste and impeccable quality of product.

With over 300 superb types of tea we’ve got you covered from black tea, green tea, half fermented tea, flavored teas, fruit blends, Rooibos and herbal teas, all these are just among a few included in our exquisite collection.

From Humble Beginnings …

So how did it all start?  ESP Emporium was founded by Steven Popec and his Russian wife Elena.  It wasn’t until Steven met Elena that he discovered the world of teas and tisanes for himself.

Russia is one of the countries where tea still plays a major role in culture, it’s more of a lifestyle than just hot beverage for most.  It’s through Elena’s first hand cultural experience combined with her university education that Steve was introduced to the art of tea.

During the years that followed Steven experienced a mental shift, from tea being just a ‘hot beverage’ to launching himself alongside Elena in discovering Teaism, tea cultures and traditions, which is reflected in our principle that every tea we sell isn’t just another flavor, but just a small part of a unique and diverse culture.

In many ways tea is a lost art, people often forget that tea has been used for thousands of years all over the globe in varying forms of teaism, traditions, and spiritual ceremonies.  After discovering so much about tea Steven and Elena decided to launch ESP Emporium, a brand dedicated to acquainting people with the lost art of tea.

We don’t just offer you high quality tea products, because our main goal is to educate.  Which is exactly the kind of information you’ll find on our blog, which explores not only the health benefits of tea but it dwells further into eastern ideology, the history of tea, tea processes, classic traditions and of course cultural aspects and nuances associated with the art of tea.

As For The Company Itself?

Over the past few years ESP Emporium has become one of the largest tea distributors online.  We attribute a large part of our success to our system of organic growing and regulated cultivation combined with seal fresh packaging – all to ensure you receive a rich savory signature tea.

We pride ourselves on the fact that each tea we sell is chosen and tasted by a panel of tea connoisseurs with a combined expertise stretching over an impressive 100 years.  Our family of tea enthusiasts are well known for visiting numerous ceremonies to witness first hand just how deeply culture is intertwined with the delicate tastes of dry wilted leaves.

And it’s through our travels that we realized that the best teas are grown organically in their natural habitats.  That’s why all of our products come directly from local growers, here are just a few of the locations we grow our teas: Africa, Sri Lanka, India, China, Nepal and even Vietnam.

It’s by offering high quality teas grown in their natural habitats that we assure your satisfaction with each and every order.  You can shop with peace of mind knowing that everyone of our tea products comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee – that’s how sure we are that you’ll fall in LOVE with our unforgettable aromatic specialty teas.

Remember, our commitment has always been to deliver the best quality product at the best rates possible providing you with what we call our ‘ESP Emporium Experience’.  Which doesn’t end after you leave this website, it stays fresh in a tin can for you cup after cup until the last drop is gone, now that’s what we call – customer satisfaction.

Browse through our selection, find the tea for you and witness it first hand yourself!