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Freshness ... Guaranteed!

When it comes to tea there are two things that really matter - quality of ingredients and their preservation.

When you shop through ESPemporium you can put your mind at ease knowing that we use only the HIGHEST quality ingredients to ensure a delicious savory brew everytime.

But of course using the right ingredients is only part of our solution. On it's own it's not enough because when it comes down to it tea is a very fragile substance.

If stored improperly, it doesn't take long for tea to lose it's flavor whether it's from the air, heat or moisture around it.

That's why to prevent this from occurring we offer our freshness guarantee. Using our specially designed seal bags we are able to keep your tea as fresh as possible for as long as needed, right from our fields till your last cup.

So now you know.

We make sure that every product we sell is as fresh as possible to provide you with the signature savoury taste that you're looking for.

Which of course means that you can have peace of mind when making purchases from our website. And if for some reason or another the tea you received wasn't fresh?

Send it back and we'll replace it with a new one! It's that easy.

Ensuring you receive a fresh delicious tea is just part of what we do. Read our "Why Choose Us" to find out more!