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Why you owe it to yourself to buy your tea from ESP Emporium

One of the main reasons to choose our tea over our competitors’ is that, no matter how large we have grown as a business, one fact has stood the test of time.

We have and will continue to stay true to our main goal, we are tea lovers first who want to share the knowledge we have gained through years of the research and the unwavering goal to provide other tea lovers a premium, healthy and affordable product, the same as we would expect for ourselves.

All teas are not the same

Just like any other food or beverage we put into our bodies, a lot of teas contain chemicals, pesticides and additives that are harmful to your body. It is for this reason that we investigate and monitor the growers we work with to provide the healthiest blends we can possibly offer you.

Blending is an art

Our professional tea blenders constantly strive to provide our customers with healthy, flavorful and enticing blends that contain ingredients that compliment each other to provide the best, well rounded and consistent blends possible.

Tea was never meant to be confined to a bag

It doesn’t matter how large the tea bag or how it is shaped, one fact always remains the same, if you are using a tea bag you aren’t receiving the full benefit or enjoyment of the tea you are drinking.

Teabags are restraining, they don’t allow the tea leaves to open properly during steeping. This means that a lot of the flavor and benefits of the tea leaves are being wasted just for the ease of use. Originally teabags were only intended as a means to ship tea, not to be used during steeping.

ESP Tea Emporium we want our customers to experience the full benefit of our blends, this is why we feel it is so important that we never restrict the full potential of our teas.

Premium quality doesn’t need to be expensive

We see no sense in charging more than necessary for premium quality products at the cost of loosing our customers. This is why, in addition to our already affordable prices, we are constantly offering weekly promotions, sales and giveaways.

We have built a successful and thriving business on being able to offer premium quality products at affordable prices and not by price gouging. Our customers return because they know they are getting the best quality product at a fair and affordable price.

Excellent customer service is crucial

We know just how important impeccable customer service is to any business. This is why we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service possible. From the order process, to the fast shipments of tea in our stay fresh packaging, to the perfect cup of tea for you to savor.

We are tea lovers who want to help other tea lovers discover the full potential of a truly amazing cup of tea. So rather than “Why choose us” the question should be “Why wouldn’t you choose us?”