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Why Should You Be Buying Your Tea From No One Else But Us.


If you're wondering just what exactly it is that separates us from our competitors then you've come to the right page. You'll find all the advantages of shopping with us listed on this page for your convenience.

For years we have steadily been improving our business with one purpose in mind - customer satisfaction, because our goal isn't to just sell you a bag of tea, it's to keep you coming back time after time again.

Now, with that being said, let's get right into the heart of the matter of why you honestly can't afford not to make your next online purchase of loose leaf tea with us.

You Want To Get The Best Deal Possible Right?

We know you want the biggest bang for your buck and we've made it easier then ever. When you shop with us, shop with ease knowing that everything on our website is competitively priced. Our exotic and in many cases one of a kind tea are all offered at substantially lower prices then from local distributors.

So if you love to make smart purchases then why not by from ESPemporium and completely eliminate the middle man - passing the savings right on to you!

Let Us Pay For You!

If your order is over $50 we'll pay for your shipping! That's our way of saying 'Thank You' for shopping at ESP Emporium.

Finding What You Need

Our website is designed with you in mind.

We've made it easy to find the tea that you're looking for and we know that you don't want to spend your time lost in a poorly designed navigation, instead with our simple and straightforward sorter system you can find the perfect tea, blend, accessory or mix for your personal detailed taste.

We Know Our Stuff!

With over a hundred years of combined experience from our panel of world re-knowned tea experts we've built a staircase of extra steps to help you make the best decision possible. On our website you won't just be looking at teas but also learning more about the culture, taste, nuances, health benefits and history from our specialist write ups.

To us, tea is more then just a hot beverage, we try to maintain the spirituality and culture from which many of these teas are brought forth from. Our selection features exquisite blends and mixes from all over the world supplied straight to your door.

And Best Of All.

You Don't Have To Wait!

All of our products are delivered as soon as possible, because we (just like you) also don't like to wait weeks upon weeks, until one day a mysterious package arrives at your door and you remember the purchase you made months ago.

That's not the case with because part of our promise to you is making sure you receive your purchase as quickly as possible.

Once you've bought something from our website rest assured it's making it's way to you from the moment you check out!

Conversational Customer Support

Do you have a question? Suggestion? Concern? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and talk it over. Even though we're a website you can rely on us to connect you to real live people who will provide you with the support that you need.

We know that when you need help you don't want to talk to a robotic machine, instead you want to talk to a real person which is what you can always count on when emailing or calling our support.

So Why Not Shop Here?

It's all of these reasons combined that make ESPemporium time and time again a favorite place to shop for tea enthusiasts, lovers and connoisseurs alike.

Our attention to detail, tea-specific writeups and huge inventory are only the base of our enterprise, add in our free shipping, competitive pricing and real customer support and now you've got an idea of why our customers keep coming back to buy more.

We hope you enjoy shopping here as much as we enjoy the art of tea. Enjoy, Savor, Indulge.