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Herbal teas

A lot of the beverages we commonly refer to as “tea” aren't actually tea at all, but rather tisanes. Tisanes (meaning “herbal infusion” in French), which are commonly called herbal teas, usually consist of dried flowers, fruits or herbs steeped in boiling water, and don’t actually contain any tea leaves at all.

At ESP Tea Emporium, we carry an amazing assortment of Decaffeinated Herbal Tea Blends that have become favorites of our valued customers, so we are sure you will find a few that will become your new favorites as well.

Interesting and intricate blends that include our tantalizing Tuscan Dream Herb Tea Blend, our soothing Wellness Herb Tea Blend to heal your body and soul, and, to make any day a little brighter, our popular Weatherproof Herb Tea Blend.

The premium Decaffeinated Herbal Tea Blends you'll find at ESP Tea Emporium have been created by tea lovers for tea lovers to provide the rich, robust flavors and amazing aromas that our valued customers have grown to expect from us. Batch after batch they are sure to please any palate.