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Hawthorn is a thorny shrub in the rose family which grows throughout the world. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Hawthorn berries have been used to treat heart problems since at least the 1st century.

Traditionally, Hawthorn Petal Tea was used to treat heart failure, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. Hawthorn Petals are an excellent source of heart-protective antioxidants like oligomeric procyanidins and quercetin, which easily explains why Hawthorn Petal Tea provides such powerful heart health benefits.

While providing all of these important health benefits, and balancing the great, fresh taste of Hawthorn Petals, we have created our amazing, healthy Ayurvedic Yoga Herb Tea Blend.

At ESP Tea Emporium, we select only premium Half-Fermented loose teas for their freshness and rich flavorful characteristics. Our selection of premium Half-Fermented tea blends come from only the best tea growing regions to offer you a variety of Half-Fermented tea which will never let you down.