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Eucalyptus is well-known for its benefits as a decongestant that helps with the symptoms brought on by a cold or the flu, but it also provides several other noted health benefits as well.

Eucalyptus has a refreshing and cooling effect that is also considered a stimulant that relieves exhaustion and mental sluggishness, rejuvenating, not only the sick but also gives you the boost you need when you are feeling drained. It also stimulates mental activity by increasing the flow of blood to the brain.

While providing all of these important health benefits, and balancing the great, fresh taste of Eucalyptus, we have created some amazing blends including our amazing Happy Goji Herb Tea Blend, the harmonic Feng Shui Herb Tea Blend and our fruity Wellness Herb Tea Blend.

With all of our delectable Eucalyptus Tea Blends, there is sure to be something to please any palate.

At ESP Tea Emporium, we select only the freshest Eucalyptus to create our blended teas which provide a wealth of health benefits that include amazing aromas and tastes which are sure to please.