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While most people consider dandelions as nothing more than pesky weeds, they are actually full of vitamins A, B, C, and D, as well as minerals that include iron, potassium, and zinc.

Dandelion root tea blends are used by many people as a diuretic to rid the body of excess fluids to help with liver problems and to lower high blood pressure. They have also been used as a mild appetite stimulant and to help with an upset stomach.

Some research has shown positive results with helping improve liver and gallbladder function.

While providing all of these important health benefits, and balancing the great, fresh taste of Dandelion Roots, we have created our healthy Ayurvedic Women’s Activity Herb Tea Blend to help with the overall health of women.

At ESP Tea Emporium, we select only the freshest Dandelion Roots to create our blended teas which provide a wealth of health benefits that include amazing aromas and tastes that are sure to please.