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A study published in a 2009 issue of the Journal of Medicinal Food stated that the antioxidant capacity of Blueberry Tea is extremely high. In a 2013 issue, from the same publication, the conclusion was made that the antioxidant content in Blueberry Tea was sufficiently high enough to show great potential in helping treat the physiological symptoms of neurodegenerative disease, such as reduced brain function and mental impairment.

Blueberry Tea also contains gallic acid, a natural antioxidant. According to an article in a 2013 issue of Molecules, gallic acid has anti-allergenic properties. Researchers found that gallic acid reduced the amount of inflammation associated with allergic reactions, leading them to conclude that gallic acid is useful as a natural anti-inflammatory agent for allergies.

While providing important health benefits, and balancing the great, fresh taste of Blueberry Tea, we have come up with some amazing blends including our premium Acerola Blueberry Fruit Tea with Bamboo Leaves, the soothing Blueberry Ginger Herb Tea Blend and the always delightful Blueberry Muffin Fruit Tea Blend.

At ESP Tea Emporium, we select only the freshest Blueberries to create our blended Blueberry Tea Blends which provide a wealth of health benefits and include amazing aromas and flavors that are sure to please.