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For centuries people have turned to Orchid Blossoms for their medicinal benefits. Even today orchids are still being used in several types of complementary or herbal remedies, particularly in traditional Chinese medicine.

Orchids are used to create medicines that help in relaxation and for insomnia. They are believed to help build the immune system, making the body more resistant to infections. Orchids are also used to help improve the libido and fight fatigue.

Orchid Blossom Tea is also currently being used to lower blood pressure levels and help to improve overall heart health.

While providing all of these important health benefits, and balancing the great, fresh taste of Orchid Blossoms, we have created our exotic and enticing China Orchid Green Tea.

At ESP Tea Emporium, we select only the freshest Orchid Blossoms to create our blended teas which provide a wealth of health benefits that include amazing aromas and flavors which are sure to please.