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Amarena Fabbri Syrup

For over a hundred years, Rachele Fabbri’s recipe for syrup has been putting a smile on people’s faces around the world. The well-guarded recipe which includes fresh fruit in a thick sweet syrup has added the finishing touch to ice cream, cakes and desserts of all kinds, not to mention adding a burst of flavor to an already amazing cup of tea.

For generations, these delicious syrups have been proudly made in Italy but loved all over the world. Fabbri is the leading provider of syrups to the world’s finest hotels, restaurants, bars and bakeries. There is no comparison to the leader in syrups.

At ESP Tea Emporium flavor matters, which is why we carry the original, one-of-a-kind fruity taste of Amarena Fabbri Syrup to tempt your taste buds and make your whole day just a little sweeter and more flavorful.