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Mieli Thun Honey

Do you like a little flavor in your cup of tea? Do you have a seemingly insatiable sweet tooth? At ESP Tea Emporium, we have just what you’re looking for to satisfy your passion for sweets.

Mieli Thun is a well-known beekeeper and honey production business based in the Trentino region in northeastern Italy. For several decades, the Paternoster family has practiced and taught the art of beekeeping and producing a vast selection of different types of honey.

In addition to the classic honey made from mixed sources, Mieli Thun has created a special line of single-flower types of honey. The expertise that Mieli Thun displays in their collection and processing of honey has earned them numerous awards and accolades worldwide.

At ESP Tea Emporium flavor matters, which is why we carry a large selection of assorted Mieli Thun honey flavors to tempt your taste buds and make your whole day just a little sweeter and more flavorful.