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Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of tea drinking, have a friend you want to introduce to the joys you've found in teas or you just want to broaden your horizons by trying a blend of tea outside your norm, The ESP Tea Emporium carries a wide selection of tea samplers to tempt anyone’s taste buds.

Our samplers contain four different varieties of tea, arranged with a single theme in mind. Each of the teas in the sampler is the premium quality we insist on. This isn't just an idle statement, we are sure you will find our samplers an amazing adventure for your taste buds.

By selecting only the best quality teas for our samplers, we know you will enjoy every single cup and want to try each delectable theme we offer.

Our samplers are the perfect way to try a blend, you wouldn't otherwise try, to see whether or not you like it before purchasing more. Rather than going out and buying a full tin of a specific blend from us, only to find out it isn't your cup of tea, you can give one of our samplers a try to see if the flavor strikes you.

ESP Tea Emporium’s tea samplers make the perfect gift for any occasion, to introduce a friend to the pleasures of fine teas. What better way for us tea lovers to spread the word that tea drinking is an amazing adventure better shared with friends?

Save a current coffee drinker today. Don’t let your friends go through life thinking there isn't much more to life than drinking cup after cup of bitter liquid caffeine. If they are truly your friends you’ll want to introduce them to the adventures that await them in a cup of tea.

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