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Taiwan tea

Taiwan is famous for the three main types of tea it produces, oolong, black tea and green tea, which date back to 1717, when the first tea trees being planted. The exquisite oolong Taiwan grows accounts for 20% of the world’s production. Some of the teas the country grows still carry the island’s previous name, Formosa.

With Taiwan’s great tea growing environment and the developing technology of growing tea, Taiwan has been able to produce several of the highest quality of teas in the world including the enticing Formosa Superior Fancy Oolong Tea, the exotic Formosa Butterfly of Taiwan Oolong Tea and the rich and robust Formosa Dark Pearl Oolong Tea.

While keeping to the authentic regional characteristics of teas produced in Taiwan we have created several blends that will give you all of the best aromas and flavors of teas produced in this exquisite tea growing region including the exotic Flower of Asia (Mango) Oolong Tea, the crisp and refreshing Oolong Tea Lemon Basil and Thailand jinxuan Oolong.

At ESP Tea Emporium, we select only the freshest teas from Taiwan to create our premium blended teas which provide a wealth of health benefits, amazing aromas and tastes that are sure to please.