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In the simplest terms, to brew tea is to prepare a drink by blending tea leaves with hot water. As tea experts, we know that definition doesn’t do it justice, because it doesn’t capture the true essence of the loose leaf tea experience.

To us, brewing tea is one thing, but to brew a tea you’ll love means to enjoy a fusion of unique flavor into everyday life – a savory experience that separates itself from the mundane through distinct taste, brilliant color and an awakening of the senses. We are devoted to offering you an online selection of teas you’ll love. Each of our more than 300 loose leaf teas is handpicked and selected by our panel of tea experts before being offered for you to purchase, to ensure a sublimely memorable experience that’s healthy, fresh and delicious!

Our promise to you is that we offer the finest selection of teas available online, at extraordinary prices. So while you’re browsing through our site trying to make your selection, keep in mind, the tea we sell isn’t just our ‘merchandise’ - it’s the heart and soul of our business.

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