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Japan Sencha Fukuyu Green Tea

Japan Sencha Fukuyu Green Tea

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This tea is from Shizuoka on the Fujiyama mountain slopes, where half of the Japanese tea is produced. This Sencha is harvested mechanically in autumn. Stalks and broken pieces are removed by hand. Sencha means “steamed tea: This tea is carefully processed and slightly steamed before rolling and drying. The leaf thus obtains a very fine and fragile structure. The infusion has a shimmering, light olive-green color. The taste is distinct with a dominant note in the aftertaste and ideal for those who like strong green teas. Besides the taste characteristics, this tea is also most cost effective.

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Serving Size: 1 heaping tsp./6oz serving
Brew Temp: 176 to 194 degree F
Brew Time: 2 to 3 Minutes

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      Customer Reviews

      Customer Reviews
      # of Ratings: 2
      1. on 9/30/2012, said:
      Opened up the package, took a whiff and found a very heavy "perfumed" smell to the tea leaves. Not sure if this is supposed to be the case, but definitely was not expecting it. Color of the brewed tea is a combination of light-green and gold. However, in my opinion, the taste of this tea is relatively mediocre, as it has a more of a floral taste that you would expect to find in herbal teas as opposed to Japanese green tea (which I think usually have more of a grassy, "ocean" and/or "sea" taste). Not particularly satisfied with this tea as of now.
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      2. on 8/4/2012, said:
      Just enjoyed a fine cup of this Japanese Sencha which holds a strong rich taste for green tea lovers. Its very flavorful, might be a bit to much for the beginner tea drinker
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