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Oolong White Tea Gift Set

Oolong & White Gift Set

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ESP Tea Emporium's exclusive gift package includes 50 grams of our Premium Tea Collection, 2 red "Japan" Tea Tins, hinged lid gift box with clear window and satin ribbon. Click the below links to get more info on each item.

Item A - Formosa Butterfly of Taiwan Oolong Tea   |  Formosa Oolong Tea

Item B - Shalimar Oolong Tea Blend  |  China Jasmine Oolong Type Xiang Yun Green Tea

Item C - Pai Mu Tan White Tea   |  White Monkey White Tea

Item D - Kekecha Yellow Tea  |  Darjeeling Oolong Singbulli Black Tea

Item A 
Price: $15.95
In stock
Item B 
Price: $16.95
Out of stock
Item C 
Price: $17.95
In stock
Item D 
Price: $22.95
In stock


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