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China Milky Oolong

China Milky Oolong

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Probably one of the most unusual tea specialties in terms of production as well as character that is produced  entirely by hand in the Province of Fujian. Immediately after withering still moist leaves are heated shortly in milk water steam, which conserves the pretty, lightly olive-green leaf and cup color and invokes the distinct creamy scent and taste. Subsequently, the leaves are rolled manually and dried. An extremely mellow tea, which we are sure, will quickly win over many new lovers.

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Serving Size: 1 heaped tsp./6oz serving
Brew Temp: 176 to 194 degree F
Brew Time: 2 to 3 Minutes

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      Customer Reviews

      Customer Reviews
      # of Ratings: 2
      1. on 12/28/2012, said:
      I'm enjoying this tea, and appreciate ESP noting that the milk flavoring is added in some fashion. There's so much confusion about what a milk oolong is, I think ESP is wise to use the word milky and leave it at that. The tea has a stronger and more candy-like milk flavor than other milk oolongs I've tasted, but it's not cloying, to my taste anyhow. I don't know what "milk water steam" is, and I always wonder a little about what exactly I'm drinking with any flavored tea. The implication I guess is that the tea is flavored with something like cow's milk, but it's not actually stated. It would be surprising if cow's milk or other diary are what's used in "milk water steam," but of course I don't know. That said, I like this tea a lot. After the first extraction you're mostly left with just a very nice pale oolong, at least as good as the more milk-flavored first extraction. I imagine some people will wish the milk flavor had been skipped, it's unusual and probably not for everybody, but I like it and I like the second extraction even better.
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      2. on 5/28/2012, said:
      This tea is an investment! For people who may have a hard time with the standard earthy aftertaste of oolong, this would be a nice change of pace for them. Price wise, most all Milk Oolong's are a bit pricey, but I think this has been priced reasonably given what some other tea places charge. This is not the strongest Milk oolong I've ever tasted, but it's smooth, almost malt-like. It fuses mulitple times and tastes great, but it does lose the "Milk" taste by the first or second steep. Still a great tea!
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