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Sunflower Honey 28 Grams

Mieli Thun Sunflower Honey 28 Grams

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This important honey is often underestimated. It is very rich in glucose. A bright yellow, when crystallized it deepens to yolk yellow color. Its aroma is delicate, reminiscent of pollen and damp hay, particularly crisp to the palate, it can be reminiscent of green tomato relish and ripe apricots. Crystallizes quickly into very compact and coarse grains.

Emulsified with extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground black papper will enhance the taste of an onsen tamago. This honey is also excellent poured slowly while preparing a sweet and savory frying batter, added to cooked vegetables or in combination with Greek yogurt.

Produced in July

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Produced in Italy. Catchment area: Rotello Molisano, Ururi - Campobasso.


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