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Multi Floral Honey Strong Print 250 Grams

Mieli Thun Multi Floral Honey Strong Print 250 Grams

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STRONG PRINT- 1 - 250 Grams Squeezable Bottle: The natural blend of Acacia and Chestnut blooming as well as the Bush Honeydew characterize this multi-flower honey with a strong personality. Its complex aromas is equally balanced in the tones of sweetness and bitterness. It's ideal with French press' coffee, smoky dark teas and superb with chocolate in any of its possible applications, such as hot chocolate, chocolate cakes or biscuits. Use the Strong Mieli whenever a personal and unique touch is needed. Suggestion: put a drop of honey on the brim of a napoleon type of glass then sip your Calvados, brandy or cognac from the opposite side of the glass. The honey aroma will play with the liqueur's bouquet.

The first high quality not pasteurized Italian honey in a practical and handy squeezer.

Mieli offers improved possibility for the hospitality service and it makes honey more easy to use in any gastronomic preparations and recipes.

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Produced in Italy.


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