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Ivy Honey 28 Grams

Mieli Thun Ivy Honey 28 Grams

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It has an high content of glucose, as a matter of fact it crystallizes immediately after it's been stocked by bees in the honeycomb's cells. Its fast crystallization obliges the beekeeper to be on time for the honeycombs collection, otherwise it would be impossible to extract the honey. The color is soft-brown with a greenish hues and it has a greenish' fragrance with a clear hint of cinnamon. Its aroma is sweet with a slightly toasted and bitter aftertaste. The thin honey's crystals generate a unique and impalpable texture.

This honey is a great addition when cooking vegetable soups, or fried zucchini flowers. United with walnuts and blue cheese, makes a unique filling for ravioli. In preparation of traditional pampepato, can replace sugar.

Produced in October

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Produced in Italy. Origin: Lago di Garda – Verona


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